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Bug#69271: general: why not a praise tracking system?

    Joost> What I am missing is a praise tracking system.  It would
    Joost> operate similarly to the b.t.s.; users could:

>Sounds like a good idea, eg to help motivate maintainers fix

I think it would be good just to alert people to real well done packages (for instance, excellent debconf script, etc) to help teach new maintainers, or to find the best of a bunch of similar packages (there are HOW many Tetris clones? :) )

Submit a bug to the BTS with severity: praise?????

Why not?  I don't think we need more than 2 or 3 levels of praise:
recommended, exceptional, outstanding

[ when are you going to fix the 10 bugs against your package? oh,
sorry they are praise bugs ;-) ]

The bug tracking can ignore bugs of that level (if normal bugs are 1-10, these would negative numbers of severity)

Or, redesign the BTS so it can better handle the growing number of
applications (WNPP,praise tracking,etc) (eg fields specific to each
application, instead of using the title for this purpose)?

Agreed. Makes LOTS of sense to start planning this now... BTS changes (for origin, etc etc,) can all be done over time, including this major change.

Letting a maintainer know you really like their work is good feedback, and we should encourage that. Developers who don't want to hear or see praise can always filter it out (maybe even a setting in BTS: don't praise me, praise me digested, praise me all the time)

the name of bugtracking software can be symlinked to 'praise' and detect what it's running as, to remove the complaint nature of the 'bug' and turn it into "compliment"

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