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Data-packages was: Re: Potato now stable

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Drake Diedrich wrote:

>    Under the Irix packaging system (quite nice UI except that it has to
> handle Irix packages..) packages exist in a hierarchy, with lowest level
> packages quite fine grained.  For example:
>    Many of our packages are already hierarchical ( x-dev, x-doc, libx, ...),
> but not in a formal way that the user interface can use to shorten the list
> a user sees.

I already proposed a system containing this

It could also make the /usr/share shareable, contain this and reduce the
amount of space for the language-files as auomatically installing the
needed. (When good implemented it could also allow to add a new laguage
for all already installed packages).

But I did not get any result, so I centered my work on other projects.

  Bernhard R. Link

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