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kernel-image with the same version

Hi all,

I installed recently potato from scratch.  Rescue disk installed 
kernel 2.2.17 and I rebuild kernel-image with kerne-source 2.2.17
so the version of kernel was same for both.

When I installed kernel-image-2.2.17*.deb which I rebuild then
/vmlinuz and /vmlinuz.old were created but both pointed to the same
/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.17.  This means no back-up of old kernel was retained.

In my case, new kernel seemed to work fine so there was no problem,
I guessed, but this might cause problems.

Is this inevitable or I am missing something?

Best Regards,			   2000.8.16

 Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp>
 Department of Math., Tokushima Univ.

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