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Re: policy changes toward Non-Interactive installation

>>"Decklin" == Decklin Foster <decklin@red-bean.com> writes:

 Decklin> Brian May writes:
 >> Just curious, why does realplayer have to do it in the postinst
 >> script?

 Decklin> Binaries need to be downloaded from Real and we can't redistribute
 Decklin> them. The user also has to fill out 'personal information' to be able
 Decklin> to access the required files.

	Actually, this is a particular irritant. Why does it have to
 be done in the postinst? Why can't I have /usr/sbin/inst-realplayer?
 So I can download and install at my leaisure, and I do not have to
 reinstall realplayer installer to get a new copy? Or have the stupid
 thing want to connect out every time there is a minor upgrade to the

	I would much prefer a installer script rather than an
 installer package which does it in postinst. Actually, this itch may
 have gotten to the point I want to do something about it, if the
 maintainers of realplayer are averse to this change.

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