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Re: linuxworld brain dump (2)

I'm working for Red Hat, but I think they'll let me bring ice for the
poor debian folks :)
Only thing is I won't know till tomorrow which day I'm going down. It's
probably wednesday, though.
I've forgotten how to add new addresses to this list. Can you add me at
tlancast@redhat.com, if you're not already sleeping...

I promise I'll bring ice when I come!
And beer, if I can persuade the driver to stop.


Joey Hess wrote:
> Hi all. A quick report on Linuxworld expo before I try to get Debian
> Weekly News done and go to bed.
> The Booth
> ... Is mostly set up. We still have a Sun box we need to get X on, and a
> PPC that needs Debian installed on it. We will be able to give out test
> cycle 3 cd's to the ravening hordes for at least 10 minutes ;-) before
> they're all gone. (We still need someone to bring ice for the drink
> cooler.)
> The Award
> ... Will be presented by Linus to Wichert Akkerman on behalf of Debian
> after the keynote, on Tuesday. The keynote starts at 10am, and the
> presentation at 11am. Might be wise to sit through the keynote
> (Micheal Dell?!) to get a good seat for the award.
> The Press Conference
> ... Is at, I believe, 1 pm in room J1, to announce the release of 2.2 to
> the press. Ian Murdock, Bruce Perens, and Wichert Akkerman will all be
> speaking there. We'd love for a lot of hyper people to come to the press
> conference, in addition to the press, to make it a busy, crouded,
> exciting event so the press gets hyped to write about Debian. I'll swing
> by the Debian booth just before 1 pm, as room J1 is a bit hard to find.
> The Release Party
> ... Is on Wednesday night. Drop by the booth to get an invite; it's
> invites-only.
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> see shy jo
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