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Re: Potato now stable

Anthony Towns wrote:
> By omission, this does a fairly impressive injustice to everyone else
> who helped with development, testing, fixing bugs, documenting problems
> and work arounds, giving support, and everything else everyone's done
> in the past months, so, well, thanks everyone!


> 	* Tasks are great, but task-* packages suck when some of the
> 	  packages included have release critical bugs. (Remove the
> 	  package, the entire task breaks)

You know, if apt could only support Reccommends, task packages could be
a lot saner. Sure, it'd still be ugly if something they depended on went
missing, but at least they'd still be usable.

I think apt could support reccommends like this:

* Automatically install all reccommended packages when
  installing/upgrading a package.
* If a package that something reccommended was manually removed, don't
  re-install it next time a package that reccomends it is installed.

Of course whether this is doable is up to Jason..

More later, my battery is dying.

see shy jo

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