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RE: gcc, binutils, libc, gdb for Amtel AVR microcontrollers

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> Hakan Ardo
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> Subject: ITP: gcc, binutils, libc, gdb for Amtel AVR microcontrollers
> Hi,
> the entire gnu develoopnet environment is ported to the avr 
> arcitecture and
> runs nicely under debian. Currently all that excists as debian 
> packages are
> a few asmeblers and programmers. I intend to create the following debain
> packages:
>   avr-binutils
>   avr-gcc
>   avr-libc
>   avr-monitor (code monitor used by gdb)
>   avr-gdb
>   avr-devenviron (contains dependencies on all the packagses you 
> need to get
>                   a full featured development evironment for the 
> avr as well
>                   as some simple examples and a readme to get started)

As part of the Embedded Debian Project (see http://www.emdebian.org) I've 
made modifications to the binutils and gcc source packages to support the 
building of cross compilation environments.

Perhaps there is some overlap here?  Check out the web site and let me
know how you feel.  I'm interested in seeing the Embedded Debian project
support more targets.


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