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Re: ITP: gcc, binutils, libc, gdb for Amtel AVR microcontrollers

On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 11:04:15PM +0200, Hakan Ardo wrote:
> Hi,
> the entire gnu develoopnet environment is ported to the avr arcitecture and
> runs nicely under debian. Currently all that excists as debian packages are
> a few asmeblers and programmers. I intend to create the following debain
> packages:
>   avr-binutils
>   avr-gcc
>   avr-libc
>   avr-monitor (code monitor used by gdb)
>   avr-gdb
>   avr-devenviron (contains dependencies on all the packagses you need to get
>                   a full featured development evironment for the avr as well
>                   as some simple examples and a readme to get started)

Is this based off the actual upstream source, or is it a fork? If the
former, then I suggest coordinating with the relevant maintainers rather
than duplicating source. What versions of these tools are being used?

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