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ITP: CommonC++


I plan to package CommonC++ and have already posted a note to the
author and built packages which are available under

The packages are lintian-clean and install clearly

I am also looking for a sponsor.


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From the control-file:

Package: libcc++                                                                                   
Architecture: any                                                                                  
Section: libs                                                                                      
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}                                                                         
Description: CommonC++ runtime libraries                                                           
 Common C++ is a C++ framework offering portable support for                                       
 threading, sockets, file access, deamons, persistance, and                                        
 system services, initially started by David Sugar and Daniel                                      
 Silverstone. Common C++ is a GNU package and is licensed to                                       
 the terms of the GNU GPL with specific privileges similar                                         
 to Guile.                                                                                         
 Common C++ offers support and portable classes for threading                                      
 and sockets for both UNIX (Posix systems with "pthread"                                           
 support) and the Windows "Win32" API. Common C++ uses                                             
 extensive autoconf macro sets for automatic detection of                                          
 various levels of "pthread compliance" in your target                                             
 platform and attempts to adjust itself appropriately.                                             
 CommonC++ has been tested to date with GNU/Linux, FreeBSD,                                        
 Solaris, and DEC Tru64 Unix. HP/UX has also been tried and                                        
 found not to be successfully supported at this time.                                              
 While Common C++ is not directly related to GNU portable                                          
 threading (GNU Pth), it should work with the Pth "pthread                                         
 emulation" library at present. Common C++ will become usable                                      
 as a class framework for GNU Pth directly in future releases.                                     
 The primary goal of Common C++ is to promote a very low                                           
 overhead abstract C++ interface to common system services.                                        
 Consistent with this goal, and the desire for broad portability                                   
 with wide compiler support, specific aspects and practices in                                     
 C++ programming were selected when writing code in this package,                                  
 and other practices were discarded that seemed to detract                                         
 from this goal.                                                                                   
 Currently this packages are not part of debian. Please do not                                     
 use the debian bugtracking system. If you find any errors in                                      
 the packages please do not hesitate to contact me at                                              

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