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Re: debian at work, how to make packages

On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 06:20:51PM +0200, Allan Jacobsen wrote:
> Our buildtree is totally incompatible with this, so I have been
> looking for a few simple scripts to package the bin and conf 
> files to make a usable deb package.

"man dpkg-deb"

       --build, -b
              Creates a debian archive from the  filesystem  tree
              stored  in directory.  directory must have a DEBIAN
              subdirectory, which contains the  control  informa­
              tion  files  such as the control file itself.  This
              directory will not appear in the  binary  package's
              filesystem  archive,  but  instead  the files in it
              will be put in the binary package's control  infor­
              mation area.

> I read somewhere that I could unpack a deb my using 
> "ar x package.deb", and the format looks reasonably simple
> with the 3 files, where data.tar.gz should be untared in /
> and the control files and scripts are in control.tar.gz

Yeah. But it is not trivial to produce a valid deba rchive with ar only, due
to some bugs (I suppose). So stick with dpkg-deb. The syntax of the control
file should be easy for you to find out by looking at an example.

Package: foo
Section: base
Priority: important
Version: 1.0
Descript: short
 long long


Other files in DEBIAN are postinst, postrm, preinst, prerm scripts and


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