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Re: how to deinstall not-running daemons

Bernd Eckenfels <lists@lina.inka.de> writes:

> Hello,
> if I (or debheper) executes "/etc/init.d/package stop" before removing a
> package containing a damon, and the daemon itself is using start-stop to be
> killed, then the init.d script will fail if the daemon was not running, and
> therefore the purge or remove of the package will fail.

Correct the init.d script to not return an error if the demon is
allready stopped.

If you ignore the error you would remove the package even if the demon
couldn't be stopped.

> How do i handle this? Do not return an error from the init.d script or do
> not break on errors from the init.d script (in the later case dh_installinit
> needs to be fixed). In the former case the policy (at least the example) is
> wrong.


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