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ITP: mp3burn

This is a very simple Perl script, but it saves you from having to have
600MB or so free to burn an audio CD from MP3s.  I've already talked with
the upstream author about some badly needed command-line switches and a
configuration file that will be available RSN.

package:  mp3burn
license:  GPL

Description: burn audio CDs directly from MP3s
 mp3burn is a perl script that allows you to burn audio CDs composed
 of mp3 tracks without an intermediate file conversion to .cdr or .wav.
 Actually, the .mp3 files *are* converted using mpg123, but they are
 written to FIFOs, so they don't consume a lot of filesystem space during
 the burn.  Because of this, don't try this on a slow machine, or a
 machine with limited amounts of memory.

 This first release is very basic.  Expect more features in future
 releases.  This package is contrib because it depends on mpg123

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