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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> Well, if you wanted half the people running unstable to just blithely
> upgrade and have all their firewalling disappear, you could remove the
> dependencies, I guess.
> Dependencies will start getting rearranged in a month or so, I guess.

i don't have a problem with the dependencies, i have a problem with an
empty netbase package which forces me to keep all this extra stuff i
never really wanted which i can't remove because a lot of packages
depend on it but shouldn't.

is there a reason why wu-ftpd, fingerd, and so on should depend on
netbase instead of inetd (which should be a virtual package provided
by netkit-inetd and any other inet lookalike)?

the big question really is: why have an empty netbase package? is there
an empty upstream netbase package? to what purpose? every other split
made the original package disappear. why not this one?


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