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Re: Now Alpha too (was Re: New glibc 2.1.92 test packages (i386, powerpc, sparc))

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> Ok, those packages are now also available. Thanks.
> FYI, you can install these packages and then downgrade back to potato
> packages without any problems (just make sure to reinstall ldso since
> ldconfig is now supplied by libc6, or libc6.1 in alpha's case).

Will do.  It looks like we're in a lull for needing new packages built for
potato, so there's ample time to do this.  I'll let you know how things
work out and if I run into any binary compatibility problems.  I'm lucky
enough to have some outside-Debian packages installed to really check
things out (Compaq compilers that I was helping to package).


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