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Re: In as little as just 2 floppies, you too can have a potato....

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 03:15:41AM -0700, Seth Cohn wrote:
> I think the press release should really _really_ stress this sort of
> thing:
> In as little as just 2 floppies, with a fast net connection (DSL, cable,
> etc), you can install a Debian system onto your pc.  Never worry again
> about how old the shipped CD is, or needing to download and burn an huge
> 650 megabyte iso CD image, or downloading 'current' security patches right
> away, Potato will install off the network, and it will always be the
> freshest and most secure it can possibly be.
While it should be pointed out that install from floppy can
be done in only 2 floppies, it should be stated as an alternative.
The above gives the impression that you need to use a minimum of
two floppies for the install.

Something like:
Debian can be installed directly from a CD. If your machine is not able to
boot from a CD, the initial installation can be done from two floppies
in most cases (some configurations will require more disks). Once the initial
installation is finished, you can finish the install using a CD, ftp, nfs,
plip, or if you are really desperate, from a pile of floppies.

James (Jay) Treacy

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