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Re: message of wwwcountconfig

"AK" == Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp> writes:


   AK> When one say "I don't care what happens", the phrase "I
   AK> don't care" nearly equals "I don't mind" perhaps.

Unless the speaker is being sarcastic or is terribly depressed, in
which case they might say something like, ``I don't care if you go
without me,'' or, ``I don't care if that bomb does destroy the

   AK> So I thought "I don't care to do something" also means "I
   AK> don't mind if I do something" or "It's okay to do
   AK> something" which is completely wrong.  It seems "I don't
   AK> care to do something" means almost "I don't want to do
   AK> something".

Exactly right.  If the speaker is speaking straight.

By the way, the original phrase you asked about could also be read
as ``you would prefer not to show browsers any error messages''.

The whole thing could be restated as

   The error messages generated by wwwcounter are verbose and may
   reveal potentially sensitive information about the system the
   script is running on (such as the full path to the data or
   configuration files).  If you want to protect that information, or
   simply don't want users to see any error messages, then answer
   ``n'' to the question.  If you answer ``n'', users will see a
   broken image icon rather than an error message if there is a


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