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What to do about hosts.lpd/hosts.equiv (was: Re: Bug#67044: lpr: uses undocumented internal libc6 function)

On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 11:05:48PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> Package: lpr
> Severity: important
> lpd.c uses _validuser() or __ivaliduser() depending on the libc version.
> As noted in inet/rcmd.c from glibc source, lpr should not do this, and
> should in fact use ruserok() or even better, iruserok(). Please change
> this, as glibc 2.2.x breaks lpr because of this. I'de rather see lpr
> patched to do the right thing, than hack up glibc even more to work around
> it.
> Ben

So here's the thing: if I use ruserok(), lpd will only be checking
hosts.equiv, and it'll ignore hosts.lpd.  This means that not only will
it change behavior that has been standard forever, but it will also make
it impossible to allow hosts to print without them being equivalent for
the r* commands.  The question is, is this acceptable?  And if not, what
else can I do?

Any comments are welcome.

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