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Randomposer project


I'm the author of Randomposer, a program composing 'music' automatically. 
For these first version its job is not the best, but it's funny. So it does 
a good job of being a little funny script ;) ... Well, I have made a .deb 
archive of it, but only with a control file, no md5sums or that stuff. You 
can find the package at ftp://ftp.uni-stuttgart.de/pub/systems/linux/local/audio/randomposer/
I need a sponsor to upload it for me to debian, as I'm currently waiting 
to be processed by new maintainer.

This is also for my FBShot project which is very alpha at this moment. You
can find this at http://www.copyleft.de/~sbeyer

Big thanks,
Stephan Beyer

PS: At sunday I go on holiday for two weeks, but maybe I'll find a internet
cafe there to answer. ;)

Stephan Beyer

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