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Anyone going to LinuxWorld in San Jose? (favour)

Just wondering who's going to be attending LinuxWorld in San
Jose.  Basically, I need a small favour, if someone can do it.

I've gotten word from Compaq that they'll be handing out their PowerTools
CD-ROMs for Linux-Alpha for free and was wondering if someone could pick
me up a few of these (three would be great...if they give you crap about
it, say it's for me...most of them know who I am) and send them to me (as
I'm unable to attend due to financial reasons).  My contacts at Compaq
seem to think it's something that I could really use (includes the latest
versions of their compilers and libraries for Alpha, which I'm helping
them to debianise).

Anyway, if someone can help me with this, I'd be happy to send money back
to cover the shipping...

Let me know :-)


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