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Re: problems using debstd

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 05:20:31PM -0700, Philip Brown wrote:
> I'm trying to take over someone else's package (although its my own
> software! :-)  and I'm trying to use the "latest" official tools.
> Part of that would seem to be "debstd".

No, it's debhelper... Look into the debian/control file at the Build-Depends.
debhelper, xlib6g-dev (Please, note the g in xlib6g!) and build-essentials
it's all you need (and I strongly recommends fakeroot also).

Also, be sure to start from 5.9.3-2. I made a 5.9.6-1 here but a problem with
my gpg/pgp key avoid me to upload it... I can send you the diff however.

> This is for a multi-binary package.
> It seems to work great for the sub-packages. It makes a .deb file for them.
> Then it keeps going to
> ** Main Package kdrill
> and gets all the way down to
> -- Checking Symlinks
> and then does NOT make a package for "kdrill"??

Which commandline are you using... personnally,
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot always work for me.

> This seems to be somewhat related to the fact that it automatically
> generates
> debian/tmp/subpkg/DEBIAN/control
> and 
> debian/tmp/DEBIAN
> but it does NOT generate
> debian/tmp/DEBIAN/control
> Any suggestions?
> Should I just dump my top-level control file to you folks?

control and rules file are needed but are available for anyone interested
by using apt-get source kdrill... BTW, you can always CC me if you have some
other questions about your/my package... I'm still the best to answer you
since I maintain it for almost 2 years ;)

I'm currently compiled it again to check if everything still work since my
last update (5.9.3-2) but everything should go right.

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