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Re: Wx{gtk,python} release schedule

[cc'd to -devel, because quite a few people have asked now and most of them
are hassling Ben first..  This probably won't help, but what the hell.. :-]


Yes, I am the right person to bug..

wxWin2.2.0 was released recently though by some accounts a little prematurely.
The 'real' release of wxWin2.2 will be 2.2.1 and is currently scheduled for
August 13.  It will take a couple of days after that before wxPython is ready
for release, and very shortly after that I will be uploading .debs for it to
the archive.

If enough people *desperately* want 2.2.0 debs now (and contact me privately)
I'll look at putting a pre-release set somewhere but each time I've suggested
this before people have been happy to wait until we are really ready to
release upstream, and this time we really are very close now.  Really. :)


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On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 01:02:46PM +0530, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> hi,
> 	I was told that you are taking over the wx*.debs from Ben
> Darnell <ben@thoughtstream.org>.  When are you due to release the 2.2
> debs?  I would like to use them for some work of mine.
> Thanks.
> prabhu

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