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Include Collector (may be OT)

Greetings:  God bless you.

(This really isn't so much a Debian Packaging Development
issue, but an upstream maintenance/adoption issue...)

In beginning maintenance & improvement (a.k.a adoption)
of the xmailtool source, I've wanted to collect all the
'#include <whatever.h>' statements that are common to
several of the source files with a Perl script, as opposed
to a error-vulnerable method of doing it by hand.

I wrote a script, but it didn't perform as I expected, so
I thought "I wonder if such a tool already exists, and
maybe I oughtn't reinvent the wheel, but get to work on
xmailtool instead".  I searched Google for "header collector"
and "include collector", and maybe some other variants, but
found nothing quickly, and didn't desire to take away time
from script and/or xmailtool work to wrestle an exhaustive

Maybe someone knows of such a tool somewhere?  Or shall I
finish the script and offer it somehow for others who would
like it for their maintenance efforts?
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