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how to handle bugs with known workarounds?

[CC to debian-devel: how to handle bugs with known workarounds; It's
not helpful to close a bug if unexpected behaviour is detected and can
be worked around]

Herbert Xu writes:
 > reassign 67522 bash
 > reassign 67563 bash
 > quit
 > On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 11:33:53AM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
 > > reopen 67522
 > > reopen 67563
 > > thanks
 > > 
 > > These bugs can be worked around as suggested by the apt-move package
 > > maintainer. Please apply the workaround as you suggested.
 > Hmm, I thought the bug was in your package, not mine.  So if you really want
 > to have them open, I'll have to hand them over to you.

Although I am not a native speaker, I am pretty sure you did
understand the request. Is there any reason _not_ to apply the
workaround? The reassignment is

- wrong, because the workaround needs to be applied in the apt-move
  package, until bash's behaviour is confirmed and fixed.

- unnecessary, because you already submitted a separate report for
  bash (#67519).

- misleading, because nobody finds the report and opens a new report.

Hmm, I thought my request was clear: make apt-move work without a
fixed bash package. What's wrong with this approach?

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