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> The same non-DFSG-compliant code *is* in the BIND 9 first release candidate.

Not quite.  We're not using the Cylink stuff.  However, because we are
shipping RSA, the same issue with DNSSafe exists (at least until Sept 21).

>         lib/dns/sec/dnssafe
As BINDv9 uses the DST library, DNSSafe can be ripped out as was done for
8.2.2-P5.  I'll check into putting in the -noesw target.
>         lib/dns/sec/openssl

We'd have thought using openssl would have been considered OK (in fact, this
was one of the reasons we used it).  Are you indicating you have a problem
with our use of openssl?

> One of the subdirectory README files refers to a COPYRIGHT file in the root 
> of the source tree that is not present.   ... I also think it's mandatory 
> for the dnssafe files to be accompanied in the source tree by a copy of the 
> explicit license from RSADSI.

Oops.  Will be fixed in the next RC.


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