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Re: A 'diff' eq for binaries?

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Josh MacDonald wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> The subject of patching .debs has come up again, and this time I have a 
> new solution to the problem.  Xdelta 2.0-BETA has been released for about
> a month now.  See:
>         http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~jmacd/xdelta.html
> The new system is ideally suited to .deb distribution.  The delta-compressed 
> storage management provided by Xdelta 2.0 automatically compresses multiple
> versions of a file using deltas, but it also can extract a delta between
> arbitrary versions.  This allows a server process to generate exactly the
> delta needed by a client on-the-fly, without storing all ("*EVERY*") delta
> combinations.
> I'm currently looking for developers interested in using this.

As a matter of fact I am free (still not a developer) and I have plenty of
time these days. (On the other hand I have another offer; if turns out to
be too stupid, I will remain free).

Hope, I can help,

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