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Re: Asking the upstream author

Fabien Ninoles <fabien@Nightbird.TZoNE.ORG> writes:

> The other problem is that the upstream author maybe give the
> permissions to someone else. Worst, it can happen that someone ask the
> upstream author, make some arrangements with him (like waiting for the
> next release or patch/bug forwarding, etc.), establish a kind of
> relationship, then make the ITP (not long after the initial request to
> the upstream authors) to discover that the package is already ITPed by
> someone else who doesn't contact the upstream authors...

Hmm, an alternative solution that works better with apparent practise
would be to ITP first, /then/ ask the upstream author. If she requests
some longer delay or speaks wholly against a deb, one can still inform
the other developers about a postponed or cancelled ITP. That would
also prevent the weird-looking situation of multiple requests from
different behaving developers to the same package's upstream.

> So, maybe we should add this to the 6.1 section of the
> developer-references? Aren't there any
> Debian-Maintainer-Etiquette-HOWTO around?

Yes, that would be a good thing indeed.


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