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ITP: fcheck


I intend to package fcheck

Description: The filesystem baseline integrity checker

Essentially, FCheck has the ability to monitor directories, files or
complete filesystems for any additions, deletions, and modifications.
It is configurable to exclude active log files, and can be ran as often as
needed from the command line or cron making it extremely difficult to
circumvent. It is written in standard PERL and requires no special outside
library modules.

Currently there are a few 'Tripwire' style baseline system security tools.
FCheck was further developed with the junior administrator in mind that
do not yet understand the complex configuration files and  operation
required to run the many security products available.
Licence: GPL

Any comments welcome.


Guillaume Morin <guillaume.morin@alcove.fr>

                       Pastis servi, pastis bu (Patrice)

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