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Sequence of rc.d SXX/KXX symlinks ?

While packaging pdnsd for my own use, I noticed that many scripts are
level S20/K20. In fact, this is the default in update_rc.d.
Considering that lower-numbered scripts are executed first, I would have
expected S20/K80 or, more general, SXX/K(100-XX) if XX is the intended level
for starting the service.
For example (in potato), kerneld is S12/K12, which does not seem right to me.
Before filing a bug against update_rc.d, I would like to have an expert
opinion (Miguel?).


R. A. Hogendoorn                                       E-mail: hogend@nlr.nl
Information and Communication Technology Division      Tel. +31-527-24-8367 
National Aerospace Laboratory, The Netherlands         Fax. +31-527-24-8210 

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