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Re: Serial console and init

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 06:25:13PM +0300, Eray 'exa' Ozkural wrote:
> However, I've had some trouble with init. I receive the kernel startup
> messages all right, and the login also comes ok. But I can see
> no output from INIT. I set the transfer rate to 38400 baud to avoid conflicts
> and declared a serial console on the inittab. It seems that the
> INIT should be using the /dev/console and at 38400 baud. Anyhow,
> the thing is that the serial console remains inactive between
> the startup of INIT and the initial login prompt. How can I fix this?

Are you sure, your /dev/console is set up propperly?

otherwise remove /etc/ioctl.save. If you often change your console, you
might consider making it a symlink to /dev/null.


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