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Re: Debian Critical Mass

In regards to what Frank Felfe was saying:

I use Debian Slink 2.1 on my servers and don't have any problems with 
them for about 18 mounth now. Stabality is THE most importand thing 
for me on my servers.
On my desktop (only one laptop) i use the newest kernels compiled 
myself and use the frozen version of debian. Also no a problem. Maby a 
bit more unstable.
The next tree weeks I'm on holliday and I'm NOT taking a moble phone 
with me because I trust my system! (I'm not sure if NT users can do 
that! :-)  )

To make it short.
I'm really happy the way Debian develops and releases his software. 
Debian must NOT end up like other distibutions who are spitting out 
there distributions.
Stability is THE way to go.


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