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Re: KRogue - new package maintenance willingness announcement

What's the license?  Does it link to Qt?

What does it depend on from KDE that is not already part of Debian?
That stuff will need to be packaged too.  What's the license on
that?  Are you aware of the issues surrounding the distribution
of GPL code linked against Qt?

BTW, you only post `Intent To Package' messages [ITP] to debian-devel.


Jakub Lida wrote:

> According to the Debian Developer's Reference, Section 2.1, i.e. the
> standard procedure to become a Debian package maintainer, I would like
> to announce my willingness to build and therefore maintain
> **> a new package KRogue <**
> which is a rouge-like game KDE port written by my friend, Mikolaj
> Zalewski <M.Zalewski@pegaz.if.uj.edu.pl>. The game's sources and
> additional information about the author himself are available at
> http://ksi.ii.uj.edu.pl/krogue/.

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