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Re: Change of network from Novel Netware 3.12 to Debian 2.1

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, N D Naik wrote:

> We are presently working on Novel Netware 3.12 and we would like to
> change our network from Novel Netware to Debian 2.1 linux operating
> system. We have developed our own package in Foxpro 2.66. We have a
> network of 16 nodes.
Nice intent :)
> Computer Configuration.
> Server  : Intel PII 333 Mhz CPU, 64 Mb Ram, 4.3 GB HDD, VGA Monitor.
The more RAM the better ...
> We have a few queries.
> 1) How to convert all our windows files to work under linux environment.
Uhm, that might be a problem.  May be you should have a look on Wine
which is supported by Corel in their Linux distribution which is
based on Debian GNU/Linux.

> 2) Will our present system be compatible with Debian 2.1
Please be more specific.  Anyway the step you want to do might have
time until 2.2 is out ...

> 3) Will it require additional hardware.
In principle not (see above) ...

> 4) What are additional Software requirements? (Apart from Staroffice
> 5.1a)
It depends from your needs.  If you could cope with the tools shipped
with Debian you could get a completely free system (see Debian homepage).

> 5) Can we work on X-Windows interface or Dos interface.
It depends (see item 4).
There is a DOS emulator called dosemu which might run your favourite
DOS programs.

> 6) Transfer from Foxpro database to Mysql or Postgres. Any other
> frontend recommended.
It also depends from your needs.  May be Interbase (www.interbase.com)
is also a good choice.  Look at the specifications from the databases
and draw your own decision what fits best with your purpose.

> 7) What are the differences between Gnome and KDE.
Dangerous question on this list :).
Look at the project pages.  Currently Debian does not ship KDE
because of licensing issues.

In my opinion if you want to migrate from Novell to Linux all your
questions are targetted in the wrong direction.  Just replace the
Novell server by a Linux fileserver using Samba for the Win clients
would be a reasonable first step.  (I know about a book dealing with
this topic, but sorry I don't know title or author :-(.)

Afterwards you could try to migrate the clients step by step
depending on the software you want/have to use.

Hope this helps


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