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Re: source dependencies

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:

> What problems exactly did you have (even if you could not track it down)?
> > Perhaps it's a bug in the woody packages but I had no time to track down
> > the problem to write a qualified bug report.  May be you fiddle around
> > with this somewhat and file a bug to BTS.
> Which packages were involved? IIRC, the right way is to file a wishlist bug
> describing the (unreproducable) problems.
> Build-Depends are required by Policy and needed for other architectures
> build daemon. Usually Roman files an `important' bug if something's wrong
> with it ;-)
Right, so I (hopefully) tagged all my packages with it.  I just wanted
to compile one of it on woody (if I remember right it was tipptrainer),
because it uses wxgtk library which wanished from potato.

The "sudo debuild" was ending with tag Build-Depends not known or something
else.  Removing this line stoped the build process complaining about that.
I have not the time to reproduce the thing now, but I will if someone detected
the same thing as soon as possible.

Really not sure about that because it's all from my poor mind :-).
But definitely sure that removing the tag has helped me out from trouble.

Kind regards


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