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Re: Test packages for libc6 2.1.91+cvs

> 2) NSS1 compat libraries are not installed with this set. From what I have
>    been told, these allow you to use old libc5 conf files with libc6. If
>    you are one of the crazy ones that actually do this, don't install this
>    set. The NSS1 compat libraries from the 2.1.3 package wont compile with
>    this source, and I'm not sure it's worth getting it to compile.

Ok, I've been told that nss1 compat is for static compiled glibc 2.0
binaries (most likely non-free proprietary stuff like netscape, and user
compiled binaries aswell). So I guess I will need to get them fixed. Note
I am using Netscape dynamic 4.7x, and it works just fine. Not sure about
static versions though.


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