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Re: ITP: SciGraphica and GtkExtra

>>>>> In <20000711141146T.ytake@phys2.med.osaka-u.ac.jp> 
>>>>>	Yasuhiro TAKE <take@debian.or.jp> wrote:

Yasuhiro TAKE> SciGraphica is a GPLed scientific application for data analysis and
Yasuhiro TAKE> technical graphics. It currently provides plotting features for
Yasuhiro TAKE> 2D charts with user-freiendly interface.

Yasuhiro TAKE> You can get more information and the source at
Yasuhiro TAKE> http://magnet.fsu.edu/~feiguin/scigraphica/

Yasuhiro TAKE> In addition, SciGraphica uses GtkExtra library, which is made by the
Yasuhiro TAKE> same hacker. 

Yasuhiro TAKE> BTW, I am not an offical maintainer yet, waiting for a response of the
Yasuhiro TAKE> NM front desk. Is there anyone who is kind enough to sponsor me?

If nobody takes on the sponsor, I can do it. 
Please contact me.  

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