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just back from the 0. Debian (for those who entered "GNU" :-)) Conference
I have a question about Interbase, which would be possibly a great
databas system for the opensource (sorry GNU ;-) ) community:

First could you please check the license (IPL) at


because I want to make sure that it is DFSG compliant. (In my opinion it
is but just to make sure.  I'm not a lawer.)

In case it is DFSG complient as I really hope I wonder how we could cope
with that beast, because I really think we should include it in Debian.
I was told it would outperform PostgreSQL in terms of spead and features
but it is a fairly huge thing.  I would really need it because I plan to
package (and perhaps take part in development) GNUMed
which seems to be real nifty stuff of medical software.

So I would like to do some discussion if there is anyone who feels fit
for packaging Interbase.  If not, I would give it a try but I'm fairly
sure that I would need help from experienced database programmers/packagers.
Moreover it might be interesting to split such discussions from
debian-devel and create a list debian-db where discussions about
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, ... should go on.

Kind regards


PS: Hope that all developers from Bordeaux had a good travel bakc home.

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