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Re: broken sysvinit?

In article <cistron.20000625081504.K19075@justice.loyola.edu>,
Michael Stone  <mstone@debian.org> wrote:
>On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 02:06:40PM +0200, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> > Quick fix would be to use 9, unless ash can be fixed in the same time.
>> Hmm. I have been using this trick with fd #10 for over 10 years on
>> mixes of BSD and SysV and it has always worked. The only shell in the
>> world on which it happens to break is Debian ash ? Argh!
>Where does it work? It won't work on any of the commercial unices I have
>lying around. In fact, bash seems to be one of only a *few* shells that
>will support fd's greater than 9.

Really? I remember using this on HP/UX, Dynix and Minix years ago..
Anyway that is not the issue right now. I'll upload a fixed version
in a few minutes.


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