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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for June 23, 2000

Daniel Burrows <Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu> writes:

> On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 at 05:15:04AM -0500, BugScan reporter <bugscan@debian.org> was heard to say:
> > Package: aptitude (debian/main)
> > Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
> >   65800  Pressing 'enter' eats all memory on Alpha
>   eww.  I'll take a look at this this evening.  It may be Alpha-related,
> in which case I'm (a) clueless about what the problem is and (b) unable to
> reproduce, find, or fix it.  If it's as simple to produce as the reporter
> says ("press Enter on any package"), I should have seen it long ago..

I think I found it. In pkg_description_treeitem.cc, you store
positions in a string as int, and then compare them against
string::npos, which will not work, since ints are 32 bit on Alpha and
string::size_type is 64 bit and string::npos is not representable in
32 bits.

Please use string::size_type to refer to a position in a string.

With this fix, I can enter a package, but I didn't find out how to go
back to the previous screen. That seems to be a user problem, though


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