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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for June 9, 2000

> > The current version of PDL (2.005-4) compiles on the alpha, and I believe
> > on all other platforms.  This bug is closed, as far as I'm concerned.

On Thu, Jun 22, 2000 at 12:25:31AM -0400, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> Ok, but do we want to include it in potato?  If so, 2.005-4 won't do it
> (since it's in woody...2.005-2 is in potato).

The changes between 2.005-2 and 2.005-4 are trivial, and 2.005-4 was
intended for both potato and woody.

Here's the changes:

[1] in perldl.conf, get rid of -lMesaGL and -lMesaGLU

	This only affects auto-builders.  It turns out that
	pdl builds fine with mesag-dev not installed, but if
	mesag-dev is installed these two libraries cause

	Since the presence of these two libraries would
	cause a complete failure to build the package,
	removing them seems reasonably safe.

[2] delete Makefile.PL.new

	This is a piece of garbage and is completely irrelevant
	to the binary package.

	Since nothing ever used this file, deleting it
	seems safe.

[3] changes to the debian changelog.

	Thus the new version number.  Also, this was necessary
	to update woody [not having pdl in woody caused a

	This is probably the most significant change to
	the package.

[4] a minor structural change in debian/rules 

	checkdir is now a dependency rather than a macro

	checkdir gives early warning that something isn't right --
	functionally, it can only cause a build to fail.  This syntactic
	change is thus rather unlikely to change the behavior of the
	resulting binaries.

	I hadn't meant to let this one creep into the version
	for frozen, but it seems pretty harmless.  Basically,
	there's now a pair of makefile targets that read:

	test -f debian/rules

checkroot: checkdir
	test root = "`whoami`"

	where before checkdir was handled by a defined makefile function.

That's it.

So, really, the only problem with 2.005-2 is that autobuilders won't
deal with it.  And, I suppose, if someone can manually build a copy of
pdl for m68k, I'll be content releasing the slightly more warty 2.005-2
for potato.  [Personally, I think -4 is more suitable for potato, but
I very much understand paranoia about accepting changes at this point.]


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