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ITP: searchscripts

Package: searchscripts
Architecture: all
Depends: regina-rexx, rxsock
Description: Search scripts for Debian, Dejanews & Geocrawler archives
 Three rexx/rxsock scripts that query the Debian and Geocrawler
 mailing list search engines and the Dejanews usenet archive
 search engine.  They are all similar but not enough to make it a
 win to combine them.
 searchdeb, searchdeja, searchgeo each show usage info with
 --help and searchdeb and searchgeo print some of the available
 mailing lists when run with no arguments. -H pulls up each
 search engine home page in Lynx.

searchdeja isn't as useful as it was a while ago. deja.com has
removed everything before May/99 although they say it will all be
back by the end of the year.

The package is at http://loki.dhs.org/~rick/woody

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