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Corel package manager

I wonder if anyone was able to get Corel's package manager named get_it
running on a non-Corel installation. Since Corel did change some of the KDE
libraries the other programs included need the Corel Version of libkdeui and
libkdecore I think. But get_it does not work with the KDE packages made by
Stephan Kulow. 

Somehow this has to do with libjpeg. get_it is linked with version 6 and
upon startup prints an error message whose text escapes me now. Its
something like "caller wants version 62 but only got 61" or so.

The tarball on the other hand does not easily compile. In fact there is no
compilation doc inside the package or at least I didn't find one. The
package manager is stored under utils, but in this directory configure
refuses to run.


P.S.: I'm not subscribed to -user only to -devel, so please CC me if needed.
Michael Meskes
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