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Re: eliminating -source packages

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 10:23:10PM -0700, Mike Markley wrote:
> In general I like this. I'd just like to add my $0.02 about the
> implementation. Every few months some processor-optimization nuts (no
> offense) ask if we'd consider optimizing for i686 or whatnot. It seems like
> the technical side of this would be a breeze to implement along with the apt
> source stuff and dpkg-source, although if I remember my policy correctly
> there'd need to be a policy change to make all packages honor such a setting
> most likely (I suppose it could be unnecessary, but those are
> "further-down-the-line" details IMO).

Yes, I think something like
  apt-get source -b -i foo
would be nice: fetching the source, compiling and - whats's new - installing it.
Something like
  apt-get source-upgrade -b -i
could fetch the sources of all new packages, compile and install them.
This way you could install all packages as easy as normal but with
special compiler flags or whatever. (of course build-depends, etc. have
to be resolved before compiling ;)


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