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Re: eliminating -source packages

Joey Hess writes:

> This is a proposal to change how source gets on a user's machine for
> them to use to build the kernel, and associcated modules packages.


Jason Gunthorpe writes:

> There are some issues though, what exactly should be done for
> upgrade?  Nuke the old files and unpack the new ones? Install new
> ones along side?

Apt already unpacks into packagename-version, which I think is a good
idea here as well. The only unfortunate bit is that versioned packages
(I'm thinking the kernel here) will look a bit silly. The question is,
do we remove old source automatically? maybe that should be an option.

[back to Joey]

> b. It needs to be in a consistent location where kernel-package can find
>    and build it.

Suggestion: add a new argument to the postinst in dpkg, something like
"install-source". Then we could update the /usr/src/linux symlink
automatically. I can't think of any other packages that would need it
ATM, but once source build-depends are in place for other packages it
could be useful.

> This wouldn't only be useful for kernel and modules sources, I
> imagine people would find other uses for up-to-date sources in a
> consitent location.

Well, since RedHat has several auto-package-updater scripts, we need
to be able to brag about running apt-get at night, going to sleep, and
waking up to a system with new packages optimzed to whatever processor
we have already installed. ;-)

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