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Re: My solution (was: My (less-then-important) personal position)

#include <hallo.h>
Marcus Brinkmann wrote on Sun Jun 18, 2000 um 04:51:13PM:

> > IMHO Debian should not lose the whole non-free section, only parts of it
> > with extremely limited license agreements.
> Unfortunately, those are also the packages with the highest popularity
> (netscape,jdk, xanim).

I don't meant these packages, but shareware and similar which is even
restricted in use for non-profit purposes. Removing all stuff will be
the begin of Debian's end: new Linux-users will prefer other
distributions since they provide packages mentioned above, and this
packages are often essential for this users, so it will be the
KO-argument against Debian.

> > First, some packages which very small limitation like in the example
> > above may still distributed on Debian CDs.
> No way. You are stepping over the DFSG here, and this is something I and
> many other will not agree with (and forbidding software to spammers is

Why not? Of couse, this is not DFSG compliant, but if the packages are
marked properly and the user sees the license before installing the
package, I see no reason against distribution of these packages.

> A free software license is not the correct place to pursue your personal
> agenda (beside free software :). (Even if the agenda is a good one).


> asking for is a decision for the CD vendor, and this is why it is not
> something Debian should do. Especially because it depends on the exact
> conditions the vendor wants to sell the CDs (price, country).

Ok, then the non-free section should be splited into software which may
distributed on CDs not depending on the price/country and software
which may cause trouble. This would be a useable solution for the Debian
project and for CD distributors.

> Debian has decided in the past to stay out of providing such a legal
> opinion, and we should continue to do so. However, if you want to make a
> list of such packages with some fellow developers or other people and put
> it on a website or so, more power to you.

No, sorry, now I don't have conditions to do it so :), but its still
possible if there are enough people to maintain something like this.

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