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Re: My (less-then-important) personal position

On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 01:33:16AM +0000, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Back to the "polarized positions" view of the whole argument, there are
> two directions Debian can go with non-free (other than just maintaining
> the status quo).
> 1. embrace non-free (which will offend the "free software
>    zealot" camp) or
> 2. reject non-free (which will alienate the "pragmatic
>    non-free supporter" camp).

your reasoning is mostly sound, but it is faulty because it is based on
one fundamental error in facts: there is no group within debian saying
that we should embrace non-free, there never has been and there likely
never will be.

the poles of opposition are:

1. keep the status quo
2. become radical extremists

your suggestion that we adopt the 2nd position because it requires less
energy than fighting it is just another way of saying "give in because
it's too hard".


craig sanders

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