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nameservers in a .com domain

It is a little off-topic for the list, but I know there are tons of clever
people out there ready to help one of their fellow developers... I have
been working on this for days and it is putting me off fixing bugs in
setserial ;-)

I registered a .com domain (mcponies.com) with ghoulnet.com, but I have
been unable to get the nameserver entries set up. Seems that my nameservers
must be registered in nsiregister.com, but my nameservers are a .com.au and
and .de site, which naturally do not have an entry in nisregister.com. Surely
it is possible to have nameservers which are not .org/com/net/edu? And
how do I get ns1.mcponies.com into a nameserver entry (you used to be able
to give a IP number for the nameserver entry, but not any more)?

It cannot be as hard as I am making out!

All help appreciated. Failing that, anyone out there willing to be
a secondary who has nameservers registered with nisregister.com? I have used
granitecanyon in the past, but every so often it changes my zone to a
black-hole address (and I lose all my bug reports!).


Gordon Russell
PGP Public Key - http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~gor/pgpkey.txt

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