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Re: Can we have a debate?

"truename" <zhaoway@yeah.net> writes:

> Francesco surely agree with SC. And you could very well read that
> the second sentence of his comment above is agree with the SC. While
> his last sentence is just somewhat an emotional mistake, but you
> Alex takes this weak point and attack (in such a way to threaten???)

i am not making any threats. all i am saying is that i am very
disappointed with the direction the project is taking, and if the
general resolution passes i will resign because i wouldn't want to
contribute to such a bigoted project. i believe in free software, i
champion the cause of free software but some of us live in the
real-world and have to compromise now and then. there is more to life
than free software (or computers for that matter) so i won't lose any
sleep over this decision.


| I believe the moment is at hand when, by a paranoiac and active |
|  advance of the mind, it will be possible (simultaneously with  |
|  automatism and other passive states) to systematize confusion  |
|  and thus to help to discredit completely the world of reality. |

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