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(slink+0.75)->potato login problem

<I posted this to -user but got no response, and it could
be a little problem with potato if it happens to more people
than just me...>
I've just upgraded from "slink with a lot of potato" to potato.
(apt-get -f dist-upgrade)
having rebooted to let everything settle in (everything looked fine
on boot), I then tried to login:
When I try I can type my username, it waits three seconds and
asks for my username again. (No password asked for and no login)

I have a rescue disk so I can much around with /
I'm just wondering whether its because I didn't have shadow passwords
installed, and for some reason potato decided to install them.

I tried moving /etc/passwd elsewhere, but no difference, and
I had a look in /etc/pam.d/* but got scared and ran away :-)


                        Peter Allen

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