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ITP: pdq, xpdq ("print, don't queue" printing system)

[Cc'd Randolph since he packaged an earlier release, but disclaimed
interest in maintaining the package.]

I intend to package PDQ, a printing system for workstations.

>From my control file:

 Queueless printing system for workstation installations, which also
 supports sending print jobs to BSD lpr queues, over Appletalk (using
 netatalk) or TCP connections, and over fax transmissions via the efax
 utilities.  The maintainer of the Linux Printing HOWTO recommends
 using this system standalone, or as a front-end to LPRng.
 Printing to non-Postscript printers usually requires using GNU or
 Aladdin Ghostscript.

I separated the GUI interface (xpdq) into a separate package, to avoid
a superfluous dependency on Gtk for people who don't need the GUI.

If nobody objects, I'll upload the packages in a day or two.

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