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Re: Removing non-free - reality check.

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 08:53:00PM -0400, Adam McKenna wrote:
> The object of this GR is to appease the people who point at Debian and say
> "look, they're hypocrites!  They say they're free but they distribute
> non-free software!"  (I.E. the rabid extremists)
> your solution doesn't address this.

Am I a rabid extremist because I take pride in Debian?  Am I a rabid
extremist because I take pride in Debian's stance that it will remain
free?  Or for feeling that too many people are trying to shake us from
that 100% free software stance we've worked so hard to maintain (and that
they are succeeding?)

I do feel it is necessary to push Debian hard in the other direction
before so many of the people (some of them developers it seems) who want
to push us in the direction of "better support" for non-free (which I read
as raising non-free's priority closer to that of main) from pushing us
right over the edge.

I'll happily consider any measure that reverses course on these people.
And one which doesn't have some of the problems this GR has is guaranteed
my vote.  (aj's proposal does this..)

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